About Dr. Robert Troutwine

Robert Troutwine, Ph.D. is a co-founder of Ryzer Mindset and is licensed Psychologist who consults to industry, organizations and agencies including professional sports organizations, military, corporations and law firms. Dr. Troutwine combines sound research with applied psychology to offer clients a variety of services centered on assessment and performance. His client base includes such well known names as the New England Patriots, Kansas City Royals, Ford Motor Company, and the US Navy SEALs.

Dr. Troutwine began consulting to organizations in the late 1970s and built an impressive track record during the early 1980s with corporate clients and laying important groundwork in the fields of sport and law. By the mid-80s Dr. Troutwine had gained national recognition in areas such as sports and law. His specializations include: assessment for the purpose of selection, training and promotion; executive development; performance appraisal; strategic planning; quality enhancement; and organizational research and development.

Dr. Troutwine is probably best known for his work in sports. He coached college football for two years in the early 1980s before coming on board with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1984. Since then, Dr. Troutwine has consulted with dozens of professional sports teams in the NFL, MLB and NBA, on talent selection and development. His work at the collegiate level includes many facets of player personnel and staff development. He also helps coaches, athletes and parents at the collegiate and high school levels maximize the mental performance of individual athletes and teams.

He has excited many audiences with his workshops on building a winning business team, motivation, leadership and interpersonal effectiveness. Several assessment tools have been designed by Troutwine that help organizations select and develop personnel that fit within an organization’s culture and thrive in the specific job role.

Robert Troutwine, PhD currently holds the title of Professor Emeritus after being a professor and chair of the Psychology Department at William Jewell College.